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Human Edge Consultancy is a firm established in 2000. Our forte is in providing consulting services in the Human Resource field, with an emphasis on training and development. We offer training courses for all levels of employees and in all areas, including technical, supervisory, management, etc. We have a pool of experienced consultants in Human Resources, Communication, Public Relations and Event Management.

In addition, we also provide other services in the Public Relations and Communication areas such as events management, organizing conferences, writing newsletters, news releases, backgrounders and feature articles. Our philosophy is simply to provide the best service possible at the best cost.

The motto we live by “When People Matter” delineates our existence. We realize the importance of human resource development in this day and age. It is no longer something which can be taken lightly or for granted. More and more organizations are beginning to understand and appreciate the role of human resource in the workplace. Top management is willing to spend time and money to develop their greatest asset – the staff.

Karmini“Hello and welcome to our web page!  While changes here are underway, please note that we have a variety of services which are easily available and affordable. Our motto “When People Matter” reflects our emphasis – PEOPLE! We believe people are an organisation’s most valuable asset and all our services are in line with this belief. Contact us for a no-obligation free quote for our services!

Karmini Narayanan Bestvater
Principal Consultant

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